Note: Check out this link for a comprehensive list of paper updates!

2023-06-30Our workshop on Learning Effective Abstractions for Planning (LEAP) has been accepted to CoRL 2023! The workshop will take place on Nov 6, 2023 in Atlanta, GA, USA
2023-06-13Our paper entitled Long-Horizon Planning and Execution with FOONs has been accepted to RA-L!
2023-05-01I attended the NSF FRR-NRI workshop in Arlington, VA, USA, with a travel award (Aspiring PI)!
2023-01-11I am serving as Social Media & Publicity Chair for the [RSS Pioneers 2023] workshop! Follow our page @RSSPioneers on Twitter for more details!
2022-12-18I attended CoRL 2022 in Auckland, New Zealand! I presented my Blue Sky submission entitled Object-Level Planning and Abstraction at the CoRL 2022 Workshop on Long-Horizon Planning!
2022-07-01I attended RSS 2022, held at Columbia University, NY, USA.
2022-06-26I presented my work at the RSS Pioneers 2022 Workshop!
2022-06-11I attended RLDM 2022, held at Brown University, RI, USA.
2021-11-01I started a new position as Postdoctoral Researcher at Brown University, RI, USA! I am jointly mentored by Profs. George Konidaris and Stefanie Tellex.
2021-07-21I served as Lead Volunteer for the Humanoids 2020 conference!
2021-03-21I organized the Advanced Seminar (Hauptseminar) and Project Laboratory (Projektpraktikum) courses during the Summer 2021 semester at TUM!
2020-10-01I started a new position as Postdoctoral Researcher at Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany, as a member of the Human-centered Assistive Robotics (HCR) group.
2020-05-31I officially graduated from the University of South Florida! I'm #PhDone!