Random Facts about Me

  • My favicon is the Crest of Riegan from the Fire Emblem: Three Houses game!

    • I am a major fan of the Fire Emblem series (wonderful conversation starter for me).
  • Aside from the FE series, I enjoy other games like Final Fantasy (I’ve beat 1-6 and 13; 7-8 & 15 are WIP/imminent), Pokémon, Phoenix Wright, Sudoku, and Chess (unrated). I am a very casual gamer though.

    • Currently playing the Phoenix Wright games Apollo Justice games!
  • I love British comedy (think Taskmaster , Peep Show , The IT Crowd , WILTY , Cats Countdown , etc.)

Must-Reads / Must-Listens

Below are some articles, videos, or talks that have stood out for me over the past few years (updated irregularly):


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  • I am trying to keep track of movies that I watch! Follow me on Letterboxd !